franchise information

Set-up Costs: R1,910,000 Excluding VAT. Developed on a Turn-key basis.
Un-encumbered Cash: R950,000 Excluding VAT.
Stock: R50,000 Excluding VAT. (Not included in set-up costs).
Initial Joining Fee: R110,000 Excluding VAT. (Not included in set-up costs).
Monthly Franchising Fee: 6% of Net Turnover.
Monthly Marketing Fee: 4% of Net Turnover.
Site Requirements: 200m²- 250m². Strategically located with good visibility and preferably outside seating.
Comments: New franchisees and managers attend an intensive 5-week training programme. The curriculum includes an introduction to franchising, stock management, basic business skills, finance, store administration, human resources management, point-of-sale training, and marketing. To ensure they have a complete understanding of the operational aspects of the business, franchisees and managers are also required to complete the kitchen and front-of-house staff training programme. Ongoing and on-the-job training for kitchen and front-of-house staff is provided by franchise consultants during the course of their regular store visits.
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