franchise information

Set-up Costs: R1,700,000 Excluding VAT. Developed on a Turn-key basis.
Un-encumbered Cash: 50% of total investment. Excluding VAT.
Stock: R80,000 Excluding VAT. (Included in set-up costs).
Initial Joining Fee: R150,000 Excluding VAT. (Included in set-up costs).
Monthly Franchising Fee: 5% of Net Turnover.
Monthly Marketing Fee: 2% of Net Turnover.
Site Requirements: ±200m² - Interior; ±50m² - Outside. Strategically located in a major town or shopping centres.
Comments: Owner-run or managed by operator with a minimum of 40% equity. The prospective Franchisee must satisfy the Franchisor: They understand the nino's brand, concepts and philosophy; They fit in with brand's Italo - Continental modus operandi; They are financially able to undertake the Franchise concept; They are willing and able to operate in terms of the brand's standard operating procedures and policies.
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