BC Franchising Consultants is a specialist restaurant brokerage that started in May 2007 to fulfil a need in the restaurant and hospitality industry. With vast experience in restaurants, from franchisor to franchisee to independent restaurateur, our advice is based on experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry. Our team also has extensive knowledge for increased assistance in financial applications and assessment of restaurants financials. BC Franchising Consultants specialises in the sale of Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Fast Foods, Pubs and in 2009 entered into the market in the sale of General Businesses. We are a specialist consultancy aimed at providing the franchising industry with a thorough and diverse set of professional services and skills.

Our aim is to become the preferred brokerage for all the leading franchised restaurants in the country and the most recommended and used for independently owned restaurants and general businesses. Our guiding principle is "If we believe in the business, then so too will the buyer". We view every business we assess with the potential of purchasing it ourselves. If the business has not reached its full potential currently, we examine the possible value that could be added, and the plan to reach that potential. Often the perfect site is occupied by the wrong business, and sometimes small or major changes can unlock its full potential. All businesses listed for sale have been addressed for profitability and viability and all findings are passed onto potential buyers. Buyers are guided through the sale process to ensure all legal procedures have been adhered to. Buyers are required to conduct their own due diligence process on supplied financials, which are supplied from the seller.

We are the market leaders in our field and our consistent and on-going advertising has made us the #1 Restaurant Brokerage in KZN.

With our extensive experience in the field of successful franchise development we are able to offer our clients advice and assistance with every aspect of the franchising process. From the initial finding of franchisees and suitable sites through to business and financial assessment, concept development and marketing and advertising we pride ourselves on supplying a comprehensive and unique service.

Billy Constantinou is the Managing Director and Founder of BC Franchising Consultants and with almost 45 years of experience in the food and franchising industries he brings to the table a level of understanding and knowledge that is vital to ensuring the success of a franchise venture. Niel Stanford is our Western Cape Director and Lee Caldecott is our Eastern Cape Franchisee; William O’Driscoll is our Northern KZN Franchisee and Tim Dunstan-Smith is our Western KZN Franchisee; Deon Nel is our Eastern Gauteng Franchisee.

We introduce you to BC Franchising Consultants and trust that we will be able to assist you in buying or selling a business or establishing and growing your franchise brand.

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